JRMG modern style vintage music

NYC Wedding Band JRMG (NOW SERVING LOS ANGELES!) is an indie group of friends who happen to be working artists and musicians. We decided many years ago that we liked playing and hanging together so much that we'd commit to making folks like you happy at your wedding or party. What makes us the alternative choice? We're offering music-for-hire without cheese or mainstream agency attitude. You'll work directly with the band from day 1- not a salesman or assistant. At your party you'll hear music that showcases musicianship, creativity, and energy from people with a bond.

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Our music revolves around timeless artists and songs performed for a naturally live sound. With 3 refreshing lead vocalists, the classic full band recreates Rock-n-Roll from the late 50s, Motown and Soul from the 60s and early 70s- and the best Pop of those times. Throw in some Def Leppard and Guns & Roses at the end of the night and you just can't fight the beat!

This means no rap or hip-hop (we're just not very good rappers), and no outdated digital sounds that attempt to cover today's overly produced pop music. 

We do carefully choose songs from today's artists whose music resonates in a timeless way. View set lists for more.

2/3's of the night expect to hear The Stones, Beatles, Al Green, Michael Jackson, Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder, Aretha, Johnny Cash & more...

Brooklyn Winery, NY
City Winery, NY
Kolo Club, Hoboken NJ
Alder Manor, NY
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, NY
The Yale Club, NY
The Lotos Club, NY
The Alger House, West Village NYC
Fig & Olive NY
Manhattan Penthouse
Studio 450 NY
Liberty Warehouse BK NY
The Foundry, NYC
Galapagos Art Space- Brooklyn NY
Public Restaurant, Manhattan NY
Allegria Hotel Long Beach NY
Gansevoort Hotel Manhattan
Buttermilk Falls Inn, NY
Edmond Town Hall, CT
Mills Pond House, NY
Tarrytown House, NY
Douglaston Manor NY
Bobby Van's Steakhouse, NY
Schooley's Mountain Lodge, NJ
Museum of the City of New York
The Old Field Club, NY
Giorgio's of Calverton Long Island NY
The Muttontown Club, NY
W Hotel, Manhattan NY
Glen Cove Mansion, NY
Il Villagio, NJ
Chelsea Piers, NY
The Woodlands, NY
The Manor House at the Planting Fields Arboretum, NY
and more....

Who we ARE:

  • an independent and humbly grown music group.
  • artists/freelancers with their hands in a bunch of creative products.
  • professional.
  • friends.
  • refreshingly young and fresh to death.
  • dedicated to performing music that sounds great LIVE.

What we're NOT:

  • a big agency farming out 6 weddings a weekend.
  • cover band veterans.
  • jaded.
  • a bunch of subs put together for a gig.
  • artist impersonators.
  • imitaters of every style in the book.
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Just because we're indie (as in "independent"), doesn't mean we're rebels. In fact, our reviews express how detail oriented and conscientious we are for our clients. Beyond our attentiveness to a timeless unique set, we take our sonic sound seriously. Part of the JRMG fam includes professional sound engineers to achieve the clearest, richest sound for our clients. 

The group has been together and growing since 2007. We have seen many venues, vendors, and circumstances of all shapes and sizes. Reach out and we're happy to meet you! 

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